Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In The Beginning...

So, I have been saying for the longest time that I would start a blog because I have "a million" things to share with the blogosphere world. Suddenly, now that I'm doing it, I don't know what to say. I suppose tonight (or this morning, since it's 1am), I am just trying to occupy my time and not worry so much. You see, my 95 year old grandmother is in the hospital tonight in Virginia and I am damn near 12 hours away in Florida with no money to travel back home to be with my family. I'll keep you posted on how she is doing. :-) Just my luck. But I DID title this, "In The Beginning", so I should probably start there and see where this journey of blogging takes us. :-)

My name is Dawn and I am 38 years old...or I will be in just over a month. My birthday is September 17. I was born in Martinsville, VA....yep, the one famous for NASCAR racing. Oddly enough, I hate NASCAR. I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida and I'm paralyzed from my knees down. I will discuss SB and how it affects me in a separate blog in the future. Actually, get use to hearing about it. I will probably be blogging about it a lot---at least in the first few blogs. Anyway, we moved to Caswell County NC when I was 3. Here, I spent the bulk of my life in Yanceyville. It's a quiet, Podunk little town with absolutely nothing to do whatsoever. Looking back on growing up there, I love the life I led then. It was so worry free.....kind of like a fun country song. I lived there until 2010. 

Growing up in NC, it was just my mom--Pat; my older brothers---Todd and Brian; and me. My parents divorced when I was about 18 months old. Dad lived in Ohio and we saw and spoke to him occasionally. I will blog about him another time. As a family of 4 in a single parent household, I'm sure we struggled a bit financially. But I never knew it. Life was so simple then. And my family seemed to be doing well to me. Looking back, I still think we did. Maybe we didn't have the best of everything. But we had what we wanted, what we needed. And we had a mother that would move the heavens and Earth for us. So, we had it all. 

I'm glad I titled this Ramblings of a Tarheel Girl. As you can tell, I ramble...a lot. And I am 110% a Tarheel Girl. Now that I have gotten the first blog out of the way, I think the others will be easier. And they will be coming soon. Good night, Blogger world! 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! :) I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and read, so I'm starting from the beginning.

  2. I hope you enjoyed them!!! Thanks for reading them.